Contractors sometimes have a bad reputation. Both homeowners and craftsmen have had too many experiences marked by poor communication, dishonesty, and greed.

Too often, contracting is all about the bottom line and that just leads to competitiveness, shoddy work, and poor service.

We’re not okay with that at VADA. Here we believe that people are the most important thing. That conviction is the backbone of what we do. It shapes how we deal with clients, how we carry ourselves, and how we treat our employees.

We’re committed to excellence because we care for people. And time and time again, we’ve found that sets us apart.

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our core values

  • Dignity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Family
  • Ethics

what makes working at VADA different?

Our culture and our values make a position with VADA different from anywhere else in the industry.

We have great respect for this craft and those who take part in it. We cherish the skills and talent required to find success in doing remodel well. Much of our knowledge has been handed down for generations and we succeed due to the ingenuity of our predecessors. That’s why we are driven to maintain the highest level of quality…while humbly sharing our knowledge. As individuals and as a business we are always learning and innovating so we can be the best team we can be. Remodel is a massive team effort, with everyone doing their part to keep things on track. WE are the most important part of our process. When you work with VADA, YOU, your ideas, your commitment, and your investment in our vision are valued.

Open and honest is how we roll. Our clients, subs, and employees all relax knowing that we’re going to be honest with them. As a result we find the joy in being ourselves, helping each other, and building relationships.

We are people with families, friends, and neighbors who we care about and we often work with clients who do too. It’s not just lip-service when we talk about the “VADA Family”. We do this for ourselves, our families, and our clients’ families. With your help we can do it for you.

Where does all this come from?

Well, it’s a combination of the way we were raised and the experiences we’ve had. They’re values that are so common to who we are that we forget they’re unusual.

But work with us, and we guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

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