Maynard – Kitchen Renovation

We were asked to redesign the congested kitchen and open the first floor of a two-story home built in 1925. There was leaking from an unknown plumbing issue in the ceiling, an awkward back entry, and a bathroom that could only be accessed from the kitchen. Numerous remodels over the years had piled up lots of unnecessary walls, ceilings and floors that were stealing a lot of precious space.

Before and after kitchen remodel VADA Contracting

Our Proposal: Start from scratch with the kitchen. Move the bathroom door from kitchen to a small bedroom closet to free up more wall space for cabinetry. Remove the wall between the dining room and living room and eliminate the door between the mud room and kitchen. Close off an existing door from the kitchen to the basement and move it to the dining room. Widening the door between the kitchen and dining room to create a very open floor plan and let a lot of natural light into the kitchen.

Before and after kitchen remodel VADA Contracting

This client really liked our ideas and we moved forward knowing there were surprises hiding in the old walls. We discovered three separate layers of ceilings in the kitchen, three layers of flooring, and evidence of significant changes to the original layout. We removed the walls, framed in new headers, and rerouted ducting and electrical. We gained over 80 square feet of space!

Before and after kitchen remodel VADA Contracting

The kitchen was redesigned, new cabinetry installed with granite countertops and a beautiful copper farmhouse sink. The flooring was redone in the entire lower level. We added two matching barn doors and a new exterior entry door. Fresh paint and new appliances brought everything together nicely.

Highlights included brick backsplash, new recessed lighting, new flooring, granite tops, and a much larger kitchen with ample storage and new appliances.

Before and after kitchen remodel VADA Contracting

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