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Your Attic Doesn’t Have to Be a Waste of Space

It’s the room you always forget your house has. It’s too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer. And it ends up turning into a neglected storage space.

But your attic can be much more than that. It can be a playroom, a bedroom, or even a cozy home office.

When you’re ready to make your attic a room worth showcasing, we can help. We remodel Grand Rapids attics to turn this oft-forgotten space into a comfortable addition to your home.

From the extra bedroom you’ve needed to an extra living room, we can help make your attic a space you love.

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Starting at $45K Your Grand Rapids Attic ReMODEL Can Include

  • Additional storage spaces
  • New and unique bedroom
  • Full or half-bathroom
  • Complete living area
  • Game room, reading room, office space
  • Rentable apartment/living units
  • So much more!

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frequently asked questions

Yes! If you want to use your attic for storage, we can finish your attic so it’s water and weatherproof and is designed so you know where everything is—not just piled up in moldy boxes.

Yes! Attics are one of the most overlooked spaces in your home, but can become a beautiful space with some work. Imagine having a charming spare bedroom, home office, or playroom—right above your head! Renovating your attic into usable space also increases your home value. In order for an attic to count in the square footage of your home it will have to comply with ceiling height requirements.

In order for an attic to be liveable space, it must be at least 70 square feet, and the majority of the ceiling should be a minimum of 7 feet high. The minimum height for the remainder is 5 feet. Attics with bedrooms should also have alternative means of egress such as a window that swings free of its hinges or a large window that can be easily opened to provide passage at least 24” wide and 48” tall. 

Depending on how you want to use your attic, the price will vary. We will provide you with a detailed estimate before we begin work and keep you updated with any changes.

An attic remodel in Grand Rapids will typically take several weeks to a few months, depending on the scope of work and the current state of your attic. We’ll create a timeline and make adjustments as needed.

We can bring in more natural light in several ways and installing Velux windows is one option. However in the overall scope of things, Velux windows can require significant structural work for many homes and attics. We can discuss natural light during our on site consultation.

We can install many types and sizes of windows in an attic. Limiting factors usually come down to the effect it will have on the exterior of the home. Windows make up a major part of the character of a home and changing them while preserving the design of the home can be tricky.

Attics are great areas for additional storage and sometimes liveable space. However the opportunity to add features such as lofts, that may require steps or ladders for access can be very limited. Additionally, attics are usually tight for headroom so most can’t accommodate much vertical building. 

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