Update Your Space: 2022 Home Remodeling Trends
Modern white kitchen interior

After the 2021 boom in the housing market, home remodels are becoming more popular than ever. Some families purchased an old home with dreams of renovation. Others are hoping to make a modern construction feel their own. And many people avoided the market altogether, deciding to stay and remodel their current home.

Whatever their reason for remodeling, many families are in the inspiration stage. They’re starting to plan out changes, saving images to their Pinterest boards or dog-earing magazine pages. Everyone wants to find the look they’ll love.

Most people want something fresh and current. They don’t want their home to feel outdated. That’s where remodeling trends come in.

In this article, we detail the latest styles, materials, and designs. These 2022 remodeling trends are beloved now and are gaining popularity all the time. Consider using them to liven up your space.

2021 Designs That Will Stay Popular

Not every trend is brand new. Some of the best designs stick around and become even more popular in later years. These are the trends from 2021 that are here to stay.


For a while people have been moving toward lighter, more natural colors. But in 2021 we saw remodeling move away from gray tones and into whites. This look is clean, bright, and easy to accent. And with so many off white tones to choose from, remodelers still can make it their own.

With lighter colors on the wall, people are gravitating towards darker accents. Many are choosing dark granite or quartz countertops, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and matte black accents — especially in the kitchen. This look is so timeless and appealing that we predict it will continue to be the norm in interior design.

Outdoors, however, it looks like people are trying to liven things up. Siding companies have expanded their color options and homeowners have taken it as an opportunity to set their house apart from their neighbor’s. That desire to stand out will continue into this year.


The types of materials in people’s homes are changing too. In kitchen countertops, quartz is still king, but with the low price of stone more people are opting for granite. More people are also choosing tile floors in their kitchens to create an elegant, elevated feel.

In the rest of the home, most homeowners are starting to shy away from carpet. Remodels replace carpeted areas with vinyl, composite, or even hardwood flooring. We predict this trend will continue throughout 2022 and natural materials will prevail in most homes.

Over the last few years more people have been adopting dogs and cats, and these furry friends bring with them some specific home needs. Pet owners seek out durable materials and easy-to clean-floors. Many are also looking for custom features such as stainless steel feeding stations, cozy sleeping areas for their pet, and possibly even some tile and a tub in the mudroom for a bathing station.


Over the last year, trims and mouldings have moved toward more of a craftsman style. We’ve seen more flat stock trims and less detailed options like fluted small crown moldings. The colonial style trims, both indoor and outdoor, are falling out of style and will likely continue on that path during 2022.

Here’s What to Expect This Year: 2022 Remodeling Trends

Vintage and Antique Furniture

Home with antique furnitureLove to express yourself? This will be your year. We expect 2022 to see an increase in vintage and antique furniture.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic created supply shortages in the furnishing industry. This lack of inventory can be frustrating, but many people are seeing it as an opportunity. Instead of ordering new, homeowners are visiting flea markets and estate sales to find unique furniture. Instead of generic showrooms sets, people are falling in love with one-of-a-kind pieces and vintage finds. In many cases, they’re saving money and discovering their unique style. For those reasons, this trend will be around for a while.

Interior Design

Modern luxury living room interior with beige sofa and decorative wood wall panel with parquet floor, floor lamp, living room interior background mock up, 3d renderingDesign often changes with the years. Each decade has its own distinct styles. Think rattan furniture in the ‘60s or wood paneling in the ‘70s. Typically you can look at a picture and easily guess the year it’s from.

But that might not be such an easy task moving forward. People are moving towards more simple, timeless designs. By using natural materials (like hardwood and granite) homeowners are hoping to keep their spaces looking fresh and modern for years to come.

To complement those natural materials, people are bringing the colors of nature inside. To promote “calm through color,” many homeowners are gravitating toward green, blue, taupe and brown tones. These colors can liven a space while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere.

In 2022, people will also customize their design by carving out areas for quiet retreats. With the stress of the pandemic and the transition to working from home, many people are prioritizing their mental health and designing their home around that need. We’re seeing lots of demand for natural lighting, especially in home offices, quiet nooks, peaceful meditation spaces, and even bathrooms that resemble a spa experience to help people rest and relax.

Open Floor Plans

open floor plan homeWe expect open floor plans and versatile spaces to increase in popularity this year. The pandemic prompted us to take a detailed look at our living spaces. And many people noticed how confining they could be. Now, remodelers are looking to open up common areas and create versatile spaces where they can live and work comfortably. 

These open designs also better accommodate aging in place, which many homeowners are thinking about these days. Larger spaces with non-slip floors, walk-in showers, and spacious bathrooms all allow for future renovations to make the home more accessible for future needs.

Outdoor Spaces

Backyard escapes were in high demand during the lockdown, and it seems that people’s love with the outdoors has been reignited. More people are looking at their outdoor spaces in a new light and want to design them as a relaxing retreat. Fire pits, outdoor kitchens, televisions, and large seating areas are all turning the backyard into an extension of the home where people can enjoy some time to themselves or with friends and family.


As home technology continues to improve, more and more homeowners are starting to invest in their own hometech. Things like Ring cameras and smart appliances are in higher demand this year and expected to continue an upward trend. The tech innovations are valued as yet another way to promote efficiency in your home.


In addition to a soothing color scheme and relaxing natural light throughout the house, people are also looking for more creative storage solutions to keep their home tidy. This not only means more cabinets and closets, but also better design inside those spaces. Pull out drawers and shelves within cabinets are gaining popularity as an easy way to organize items and keep everything at your fingertips. In closets, people are looking for shelving systems and space-saving designs that offer maximum storage without taking up valuable living space.

Membrane Roofs

Roofer preparing part of roofing felt roll for melting by gas heater torch flameThere are even a few exterior design developments that have owners and contractors both excited for 2022. The first is a membrane roof created by CertainTeed that features a granulated surface like a shingle. This helps create more friction on the surface so it can safely support things like a table and chairs. It will help make turning the roof into extra living space a much simpler process and rooftop getaways will become more popular.

PVC Exterior Trim

Trim on a homeAnother exciting development is Azek’s PVC exterior trim. In the past, this sturdy material was only available in a wood grain texture, which matched with most home styles. Now, the company is offering a smooth version of its product to fit with the shift toward craftsman style designs. 

Cement Siding Boards

A home with beautiful sidingFinally, we expect the Hardie siding boards to be a big hit in 2022. These boards are made from a fiber cement that’s sturdy, durable, and weather resistant. They come in a variety of colors so you can make your house stand out or blend in as much as you want. There are textured and smooth options, plus a variety of ways to arrange them to achieve everything from lap siding to a natural appearance.

What Trend is Right for You?

Homeowners can look forward to some exciting new trends in renovation and remodeling in 2022. New styles like natural materials and open spaces will mesh well with continued interest in light colors, dark accents, and simplified styles.

Ready to put it altogether into your dream space?  If you want some help designing your remodel, book a free consultation with VADA Contracting. We’ll help you love your space again.

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