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Hyser Rivers Museum, Plainfield Twp MI.

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Bringing Advanced Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling to West Michigan

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a cutting edge methodology. It allows architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to produce detailed models of a structures as-is conditions. This data revolutionizes the way decisions are made leading to more quality, efficiency, and profitability across building projects.

Our talented team of BIM technicians and modelers provides the equipment, skill, and industry knowledge it takes to bring this transformative innovation to your project.

What Difference Can Our Scan to BIM Services Make for You?

Unparalleled Accuracy

Laser scanning technology takes measurements and collects information with accuracy up to 1/8″ in 100ft. This provides detailed information about
the existing space beyond what can be acquired by other methods.

Increased Efficiency

Scan to BIM services acquire information quickly (averaging a 1-2 day turnaround) and allow you to plan your project in the most efficient way possible. You’ll know exactly what you’re working with so your timeline won’t be derailed by unexpected surprises.

Informed Design

Advanced modeling allows you to design your project with greater context and specificity. You can choose each element with care and foresight, crafting the perfect design before construction even begins.

Minimized Expenses

Unforeseen issues can wreak havoc on your budget. Laser scanning brings every issue and obstacle to your attention so you can budget accurately from the beginning and minimize reactive expenses.

Scan to BIM in Action: The Hyser Rivers Museum

The Hyser House is the oldest house in Plainfield township and is currently being maintained and preserved by the township for future generations. As a part of that preservation we provided detailed scans of the interior and exterior of the building with amazing accuracy, a task that would have taken months to complete by hand. We scanned the home with Lidar technology and used BIM software to create a digital replica with accurate as-built measurements. These resources help ensure the stability and longevity of the home for years to come.


Assets we can provide with 1/8" accuracy @ 100 feet include:

  • Point Cloud Data (Raw Data)
  • Thermal Imaging
  • 2D CAD Drawing
  • 3D Non-intelligent Models
  • 3D BIM Models ranging from standard detail to very high detail
  • 3D Rendered Visions/Walk-throughs

Our Service Packages


$ 500*
  • Low Density Scan
  • Scan Report
  • Post Processed Point Cloud Data in the following formats: .E57, .PTS, .LGS, .RCP, .JSV
  • Origin Location
  • Panoramic Views/Scan Locations


$ 750*
  • Medium Density Scan
  • Scan Report
  • Post Processed Point Cloud Data in the following formats: .E57, .PTS, .LGS, .RCP, .JSV
  • Origin Location
  • Panoramic Views/Scan Locations


$ 1,000*
  • High Density Scan
  • Scan Report
  • Post Processed Point Cloud Data in the following formats: .E57, .PTS, .LGS, .RCP, .JSV
  • Origin Location
  • Panoramic Views/Scan Locations HDR
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Meet Tyler Mass, BIM Specialist

Tyler brings terrestrial laser scanning expertise together with architecture, road construction, and general contracting familiarity to help professionals innovate and improve their work process.
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